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Online Basic Conversation Class!


Online Class! 

What should I ask when I am at a loss in the Department?
What should I say when ordering in the restaurant?
What should I say when I would like to introduce my home country?
You can practice basic and necessary conversation for dairy life.

Class Ⅰ: Learning basic conversation in the case of "shopping", "Restaurant", " Hospital". and so on. 

Class Ⅱ:  Learning basic conversation in the case of "Explaining your home country, and asking questions,"  "Explaining your own situation when the trouble happens". 

授業期間 Class Schedule 
Class Ⅰ: 9/12(Mon)~11/7(Mon) Every Monday and Wednesday 
Class Ⅱ: 9/13(Tue) ~11/1(Tue)  Every Tuesday and Thursday
Lesson time: 16:30~18:20(50min lesson ×2) Total 15 days 
Textbook : KOBE YMCA original textbook
Tuition: 36,475 JPN (including tax and text fees,)

This class will be conducted by using "Zoom".  Please bear the internet communication charge.