Class list

How to Apply

①Applying through website.
②Applying through the friend or Acquaintance who lives in Japan.

* Japanese Conversation Class : Basic class Ⅰ・Ⅱ Intermediate Class,
* Online Basic Class,  Online Kanji Class, JLPT N1・N2・N3 Class.

* Summer Intensive Class (Class A or B ⇒ Level 1 or 2)

・ Download  " Entry sheet"   
   Conversation Class, Kanji Class, JLPT Class, ⇒ <Click here !>
   Summer Intensive Class  ⇒ <Click here !>

・ Fill in  "Entry Sheet", and send it to the following address as attached file.

 Please send the copy of "Entry Sheet" to the following,  

➂Applying through "Agency for study abroad"

Please inform the following Information to the staff of Agency for study aboard.

📞 +81-(0)78-241-7204

KOBE YMCA staff:  To Mr. Sakamoto,    To Ms. Sho,


  • Each class must have a minimum of four students in order to be held.
  • All classes will be held in Japanese.
  • In the case of cancellation, the tuition will be refunded according to school policy.
  • You can pay the tuituin by "Bank Transfer", or "Cash ot YMCA". (Sorry for not using "Credit Card". 
  • In case of overseas remittance, please ask to KOBE YMCA office before.