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Intermediate class


3 times a week Mon., Wed., and Fri, 13:20 to 16:20 Classes meet a total of 30 times ★★★

You will be able to read short pieces on various topics such as “Fast Food,” “Earthquakes,” “Japan’s Image,” and “Sleep.”
You will be able to listen, talk about, and write short pieces on specific themes.
You will be able to look at a scene and describe it.
You will be able to compare and contrast information.

imgUsed textbook  
「中級へ行こう」 (¥2,376 (tax included))
※For those who do not already own the required textbook, a separate textbook fee is required.



YMCA Registration fee ¥2,000(Excluding tax)
※Registration fee is only necessary for those applying to the Kobe YMCA program for the first time.
Tuition fee¥93,000 (Excluding tax)
※ Installment (Excluding tax)①¥31,000  ②¥31,000 ③¥31,000

2019 Schedule

Spring Course4/15 (Mon.) to 7/1 (Mon.)
Fall Course9/18 (Wed.) to 12/2 (Mon.)
Winter Course1/17(Fri.) to 3/30 (Mon.)

Messages From Our Students


From when I first started studying until now, I’ve taken classes with nice teachers and my conversation ability has gone from zero to being able to communicate well with my Japanese friends. There are people from all over the world in my class. Everyone’s experiences and reasons for studying are different, but we all understand each other and have become friends. Also, because the teacher’s teaching style has progressed from easy to difficult, it’s easy to understand new content. I hope you enjoy studying at Kobe YMCA!

Intermediate class
Intermediate class