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Online Kanji class !


【Once a week】 Friday / 16:30 to 18:20 <10 times> ★

「振込」「記帳」「取消」、Kanji button in "Cash Dispenser of the bank" Which button should I push?
「減塩」、 What is this meaning?
「毎食前服用」、When should I take this medicine?
「請求書」、 What type of the letter is it?

As you live in Japan, you will definitely see KANJI every day. Have you ever been in trouble or gave up because you didn't understand KANJI ? Many people think that "KANJI is difficult".
In this "KANJI CLASS", you can efficiently study KANJI required for each situation such as transportation, shopping, banks, hospitals, etc. in a short period of time.
Knowing KANJI will change your daily life.

Textbook  「KOBE YMCA Original textbook」

「Kobe YMCA original textbook」 (free)


Class Fee

Class fee¥28,300(Tax included)
This class will be conducted by using "ZOOM". Please bear the internet communication charge.

2023 Schedule

Spring Course4/14 (Fri.) to 6/23 (Fri.) 
Autum Course9/15 (Fri.) to 11/24 (Fri.) 
Winter Course1/19 (Fri.) to 3/29 (Fri.)

Messages From Our Students


I’ve been living in Japan for over a decade. Japanese conversation isn’t a problem, but I was not good with Kanji. At the hospital or bank, there is a lot of writing, And on food products and medicine, there is a lot to read. When I didn’t know Kanji, I didn’t even know how to look up what I didn’t understand. But now, looking back over my textbook, I can figure it out on my own. The more Kanji I learn, the more I want to keep studying.