Class list

Summer intensive course

夏期集中コース 会話クラス

Summer Intensive Course / Conversation Class

You will able to study conversational Japanese for four weeks at a level that suits you.
We also assist students from abroad in finding housing.


2019 Schedule

2019/7/8 (Mon.) to 8/2 (Fri.)

Level Objective

Step 1 – Minna no Nihongo, Units 1-9

  • Able to introduce oneself and go about daily activities
  • Able to invite others to dinner and make reservations
  • Able to give simple descriptions of one’s town

Step 2 – Minna no Nihongo, Units 10-17

  • Able to give simple descriptions of one’s family
  • Able to give personal impressions of past experiences
  • Able to ask favors and give permission

Step 3 – Minna no Nihongo, Units 18-25

  • Able to describe one’s activities and hobbies
  • Able to distinguish between conversational Japanese and polite Japanese
  • Able to express opinions in short form about topics such as “Japan”

Step 4 – Minna no Nihongo, Units 26-33

  • Able to give and follow advice
  • Able to discuss plans for holidays and vacations
  • Able to describe reasons and circumstances as well as make polite requests

Step 5 – Minna no Nihongo, Units 34-41

  • Able to describe the negative actions of others
  • Able to describe reasons and causes
  • Able to describe the conditions for an action to occur

Step 6 – Minna no Nihongo, Units 42-50

  • Able to convey negative emotions
  • Able to convey third party news and information
  • Able to speak using simple honorific expressions

Step 7 – Continuing on to Intermediate Level

  • Able to speak about short topics such as “Fast food” or “Japan’s Image”
  • Additionally able to speak and write sentences using expressions that are appropriate to your theme
  • Able to discuss various topics using Japanese learned at the beginner level


YMCA Registration fee¥2,000 (Excluding tax)
※Registration fee is only necessary for those applying to the Kobe YMCA program for the first time.
Tuition fee ¥60,815 (Excluding tax)

Messages From Our Students

Summer at Kobe YMCA was the best!

There was a lot of conversation practice.
I’m glad that I was able to learn a lot of practical Japanese.
The classroom atmosphere was friendly and cheerful, and I was able to meet people from many different countries.
The teacher’s delivered lessons in an easy-to-understand way.
The classes were lively and I was able to become close with many of my classmates.