Class list

Summer intensive course(won't open the class in 2020)

夏期集中コース 会話クラス

Summer Intensive Course / Conversation Class

Morning – Intensive conversation practice !
Afternoon – Shopping and sightseeing using the Japanese you’ve learned !
You get a plenty of opportunity to speak because of about 10 students per class.
All students can study without worries including those who can’t speak Japanese at all or those who speak only a little.
Because of the COVID-19, we only accept students stay in Japan to the course.


2020 Schedule

2020/7/9 (Thu.) to 7/22 (Wed.)

Level Objective

Level 1 (Beginner~JLPT N5)

  • Able to introduce oneself and make friends
  • Able to invite others to dinner and make reservations
  • Able to give simple descriptions of one’s town

Level 2 (JLPT N4)

  • Able to give simple descriptions of one’s family
  • Able to give personal impressions of past experiences
  • Able to ask favors and give permission


Tuition fee ¥39,050 (Excluding tax)
Textbook fee\ 1,100 (Excluding tax)

Messages From Our Students

Summer at Kobe YMCA was the best!

There was a lot of conversation practice.
I’m glad that I was able to learn a lot of practical Japanese.
The classroom atmosphere was friendly and cheerful, and I was able to meet people from many different countries.
The teacher’s delivered lessons in an easy-to-understand way.
The classes were lively and I was able to become close with many of my classmates.