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What kinds of Japanese courses does Kobe YMCA offer?

Japanese Department One- to two-year course (for applicants planning to continue on to university, graduate school, or vocational school in Japan)
Monday through Friday, 9:30-12:20 OR 9:30-15:10 (class length depends on the day of the week)
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Japanese Conversation class
①Three-month course (Japanese conversation class / beginners welcome!)
Basic class: 5 times a week 13:20-16:10
Intermediate class: 3 times a week 13:20-16:10
②Japanese Language Proficiency Test (N1, N2, N3) Prep class once a week 9:30 to 12:20
③Kanji class twice a week 10:30 to 12:30
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I’d like to know more about necessary visas and the courses offered.

For those who wish to apply for a Study Abroad visaThose in possession of a Residence visa (Spouse or Child of a Japanese National; Dependent), etc.For those intending to come to Japan on a Short Stay (three-month) visa
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Japanese Conversation class (3 months)


Which countries do your students come from?

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● Other Asian countries
Nepal, Vietnam, Myanmar, India, Singapore, Thailand, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Malaysia, Japan
● Europe
Germany, Bulgaria, Tajikistan,
● Oceania
Australia, New Zealand
● Africa
Côte d’Ivoire, Tanzania

Japanese Conversation class

● North America
The United States, Canada
● Southeast Asia
India, Nepal, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos
● Europe
Iceland, Ireland, the U.K., the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, France, Bulgaria, Russia

What’s the average age of your students?

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Japanese Conversation class


I’d like to know more about each course’s yearly schedule.


Learning Objectives

I would like to attend a Japanese university. Which class is right for me?

Kobe YMCA College Japanese Department offers classes (starting at beginners’ level) intended for students whose goal is to attend a Japanese university, with emphasis on writing and speaking.
In addition to offering Japanese language classes, course guidance and interview instruction are done individually. We also offer preparation classes for the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) as well as college English and mathematics courses.
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I am a college graduate who would like to attend a Japanese graduate school.

We offer a preparation course for those intending to attend a graduate program in Japan. The course focuses on preparing students to write research papers and take oral examinations.
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→Kobe YMCA College Japanese Department – Course Outline & Features

I love anime! I would love to study Japanese and anime…

In Japan there are vocational colleges with animation programs, but all courses are given in Japanese so it’s important first to gain language proficiency. At Kobe YMCA College Japanese Department, we provide students who wish to attend vocational colleges with career guidance and offer support through the application process. We recommend continuing on to a vocational college after gaining a strong foundation in Japanese.
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I would like to study Japanese before finding a job in Japan. What’s the best course of action?

Advanced proficiency in Japanese is necessary for those seeking employment in Japan.
Kobe YMCA College Japanese Department offers courses geared toward students who wish to gain advanced proficiency. We focus on skills such as reading business news articles, giving presentations, and dealing with business communications.
We also offer preparation courses for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) levels N1 and N2, as well as the Business Japanese Proficiency Test (BJT).

My goal is to pass the N1/N2. Which class is right for me?

In addition to our test preparation courses, N2 and N3 level Japanese can be studied through our Japanese conversation course.
Please choose a class according to your schedule.

Do you have any classes that focus on Japanese for the workplace?

The Business Japanese Proficiency Test is a measure of business language ability. The Business Japanese Class focuses on topics that are not covered by the N1 test, such as business terms, expressions, and documents, in addition to preparing students for the Business Japanese Proficiency Test.

I only want to study kanji. Do you offer a kanji-only class?

The Japanese Conversation Course offers a weekly kanji class that is held every Wednesday.
The class focuses on everyday kanji seen in familiar places, such as supermarkets and banks, in order to effectively aid students in remembering kanji.
Class meets 10 times every spring, fall, and winter.
Interested students should contact us for more information.

Japanese Level

I have never studied Japanese before. Do you have a beginners’ class?

The Japanese Conversation Course includes a class for beginners. It meets once a week in the afternoon for a total of five times, and it is possible to join after the course has started.

Is it all right if I don’t know hiragana or katakana? Is it all right if I don’t know kanji?

The Japanese Conversation Course if focused on conversation skills, so it is not necessary to know kanji.
It is possible to gradually learn hiragana and katakana as you study conversational Japanese.
There is also a hiragana and katakana class that meets every Wednesday for a total of 10 times.

About Classes

Are the teachers Japanese?  Can the teachers speak English?

At the YMCA all of the teachers’ native language is Japanese.
Although it may be difficult at first, it’s important to be immersed in Japanese in order to become used to it and to quickly improve.
Our experienced, professional teachers will tailor their classes to the students’ level, so all abilities are welcome.

Is self-study possible at the YMCA?

Almost every day classrooms are available to students after class for self-study. It is possible for students who struggle to study at home to study in an open classroom before returning home.


Is there a dormitory? How much is it?

We do not have dormitories, but it is possible to find a room in a school-owned apartment building through a real estate agent. In addition, those who are interested are welcome to use the public facilities at the Hyogo International House.
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Are there opportunities to talk with people other than my teachers?

The Japanese Department also offers a conversation support program in which students can practice speaking with Japanese volunteers.
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Can I enroll in the middle of a term?

For those who wish to participate in the Japanese Conversation Course, it is usually possible to join the appropriate class level after the course has started.