Class list

Kobe YMCA ‘s Unique studying style!

The number of students per class is about 10!
Endless opportunities to learn through speaking
(minimum of 4 students per class)
授業は全て日本語! 母国語に頼らないから、上達が早い!
Classes are conducted entirely in Japanese.
 So, you will improve fast!

教師は全員経験豊富なプロ! 効率的に勉強ができます。
All of our teachers are experienced professionals!
Kobe YMCA teachers will be glad to answer any questions.
In addition to the activities held at Kobe YMCA,
you can also participate in various events
such as exchange meetings and Japanese cultural events.

Put the Japanese you’ve learned with your teachers and classmates to practical use!
For those who wish to go on to work and / or study in Japan…
Assistance is available for students applying to Kobe YMCA College, Japanese Department.

There’re numerous classes available at all levels.

Appropriate for all levels, from those who have just begun learning Japanese to those who want to study and/or work in Japan.
KOBE YMCA has numerous classes available at all levels.