I would like to know how to study Japanese in KOBE YMCA College.

I would like to know how to apply from abroad.

If you live abroad, you need to obtain "College Student visa". If you have a contact person in Japan, you can apply through that person. If you have no contact person, it is convenient to apply through "Study Abroad Center" in your country.  When you are adult (20 years and older), can also apply for our school directly.

I live in Japan now, but I can't understand Japanese well.

If you live in Japan, you can enroll with your current visa.  You need to take a Japanese level check test before enrollment.  (If you have a tourist visa, please contact us)
Spring course of 2022: Application Acceptance from overseas will be "First of August - the 20th of November"

Questions about study abroad or Japanese study!

Efforts to prevent the spread of Covid-19 infection!

We take the following actions at our school.
・Measurement of body temperature and use of hand sanitizer is required when entering school, Limit the number of people in one care when using an elevator to avoid crowding.
Wearing masks at school (students, teachers and staffs) or for some classes, wearing face shields is required.
Securing space between seats and ventilation in the classroom. (By opening windows and doors, implementing 24-hour ventilation)
Disinfectants are available in throughout school to clean desks, chairs and other equipments after class.
Promoting awareness to infection prevention measures.
Your understanding and action is needed to prevent virus infection.
We highly appreciate your collaboration..

Four features of Kobe YMCA with confidence!

You will acquire practical Japanese comprehension skills.

You will be able to study Japanese language in the following courses at KOBE YMCA.
<3 months>
 A short term course - Nihongo conversation class
<1 to 2 years>
 A long term course - Kobe YMCA College Japanese department

Receiving various types of scholarships

Scholarship from JASSO, Scholarship from Hyogo Pref,(General) / (For students from Asian countries) . Kobe YMCA special scholarship and Kobe YMCA International Scholarship. Rokko scholarship, etc

60 years of history and tradition in Japanese education

We produced a lot of graduates and have the longest history in Hyogo area as a Japanese technical college authorized by Hyogo prefecture.

We have the advantage of being affiliated to a hotel technical college for employment.

There is a hotel department in the same school. The employment rate of students who advance to the hotel department from the Japanese department is 100%.


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