Entrance guide

Application Procedure, and "College student visa"

Submission of application materials for KOBE YMCA 
(●Spring course → 1st of September ~20th of November  ●Autumn course →1st of March ~ 20th of May)
Application Screening 
Notification of acceptance   
(●Spring course → by the mid-December   ●Autumn course → by the mid-June  <in schedule>)
Enrollment fee submission 
Issuance of "Certificate of Admission". 
Visa application for KOBE Immigration   
Issuance of "Certificate of Eligibility"    
(●spring course  → early March   ●Autumn course → early September )
Tuition fee submission 
Issuance of visa
Arrival in Japan       
(Entrance Ceremony  ●spring course → early April  ●Autumn course → early October )

  <Application Handbook, Necessary documents > Click here! 

Admission procedure (Those who live in Japan)

You can enroll with your current status of residence.  However, according the status, you may need to apply for changing.

<How to apply>
①Applying by yourself  ⇒  Go to the page of WEB entry.  Click Here! 
②Applying through Friend, or Acquaintance in KOBE ⇒  Down load the attached document and pass it.  Click here!

Admission Procedure

Submission of application materials to KOBE YMCA 
(●Spring course → middle of January ~ middle of May  ●Autumn course  → Middle of July ~ Middle of September )
Placement test
Notification of acceptance  (●after the PT)
Enrollment fee, tuition fee submission 
Entrance Ceremony  (●Spring course → Early April     ●Autumn course  →  Early October )

<Application Handbook,  Click Here! >