Past Results

List of schools after graduation (Results in the past 3 years)

Graduate School

【Kansai Area】
Osaka UniversityGraduate School Of International Public Policy
Kobe University     Graduate School Of Economics,Engineering,International Cooperation,Maritime Science,Human Development and Environment
Nara Women’s University     Graduate School Of Human Life and Environment
University of Hyogo
Graduate School Of Applied Informatics, Economics,Engineering,Landscape Design and Management
Shiga UniversityGraduate School Of Economics
Wakayama UniversityGraduate School Of Tourism
Ritsumeikan University      Graduate School Of Sports and health Science,Science and Engineering,Business Administration,Policy Science
KWANSEI GAKUIN University     Graduate School Of Policy Studies,Science of and Technology
KANSAI University       Graduate School Of Science and Engineering
Osaka University Of EconomicsGraduate School Of Human Sciences
Kobe Gakuin University Graduate School Of Humanities and Sciences
Kyoto University of Art & Design   Graduate School of Art and Design Studies 
University Of Marketing and Distribution SciencesGraduate School Of Marketing and Distribution Sciences

【Other Areas】

Hitotsubashi UniversityDoctoral Program Of Language and Society
Tokyo University of the Arts   Graduate School of Fine Arts
University of Tsukuba      Graduate School of System and Information Engineering
Hokkaido UniversityGraduate School of  Economics and Business
Tokushima University       Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Tottori UniversityGraduate School Of Sustainability and Science
Okayama UniversityGraduate School Of Humanities and Social Sciences
University of Miyazaki      Graduate School of Agriculture
Meiji University
Graduate School of Global Business


【Kansai Area】
Osaka University   Faculty of Foreign studies,Economics
Kobe University
Faculty of Intercultural Studies
Osaka City University
Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences
Wakayama UniversityFaculty of System Engineer
University of Hyogo Faculty of Business Administration
Doshisha University
Faculty of Economics,Faculty of Global Communications
Ritsumeikan University
Faculty of Law,Economics,Science and Engineering,Social Sciences
Faculty of Law,Economics,Policy,International Studies
Kansai University
Faculty of Law,Economics,Business Commerce
Kindai University
Faculty of Business Administration,economics,science and engineering
Kyoto Sangyo UniversityFaculty of Foreign studies,Economics,Life Science
Osaka University of EconomicsFaculty of Business Administration
Hannan UniversityFaculty of International Tourism
Kyoto University of Foreign Studies
Faculty of Japanese Studies
Kobe Gakuin University
Faculty of Business Administration,Global Communication,Contemporary Social Studies

St. Andrews University
Faculty of Business Administration
Otemon Gakuin UniversityFaculty of Psychology,Management
Osaka Sangyo University
Faculty of Economics,Business Management,Engineering, Admission into the junior class in Business Management
Kansai University of International StudiesDepartment of Management
Osaka Seikei UniversityDepartment of Management
University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences
Faculty of Commerce,Human and Social Sciences,Admission into the sophomore class in Policy Studies
Kobe Design UniversityFaculty of Arts and Design
Tezukayama UniversityFaculty of Letters
Otemae University
Faculty of Cultural and Historical Studies
Osaka Gakuin UniversityFaculty of Business Administration
Osaka International University
Faculty of International Liberal Arts
Saga University of ArtsFaculty of Arts
Kobe International University
Faculty of Economics, Admission into the junior class in Economics
Hanazono University
Faculty of Social Welfare
Himeji Dokkyo University
Faculty of Foreign Language
Kobe Yamate UniversityFaculty of Contemporary Social Studies


【Other Areas】

Otaru University of Commerce  Department of Economics
Akita University    Faculty of Engineering Science
Teikyo University    Admission into the sophomore class in Liberal Arts
Aichi Institute of Technology
Faculty of Engineering
Seinan Gakuuin UniversityFaculty Of Economics
Okayama University of Science
Faculty of Science
Teikyo University of Science
Life & Environmental Sciences
Daiichi Institute of Technology
Department of Aeronautical Engineering

Technical college

National Institute of Technology, Akashi College, Japan
Mechanical Engineering

Technical college

【Kansai Area】
The Kobe YMCA College
Department of Hotel Management
Kobe Denshi  Department of Entertainment Soft,Digital Animation,3DCG Animation,Information Technology
HAL Osaka College of Technology & DesignGame, CG
O-HARA   Licensed Tax Accountant Course
Kobe Kokusai Cooking & Pastry College Department of Patisserie Specialist
TSUJI Institute of PatisserieRegular Course,Confectionery Arts and Management Course
Osaka Cooking and Confectionery college Ecole UmedaW license system
Toyota Automotive Engineering College of KobeDepartment Of Automobile maintenance 
Nihon Science and Information Technology Professional Training CollegeDepartment Of Automobile maintenance
Hanshin Institute Of Technology KOBEDepartment Of motorbike maintenance
Kobe Fashion Institute      Fashion Creator Department 2-year course
Osaka Designers College     Special Makeup Department
Osaka Fashion College     Fashion Department
Osaka YMCA International College    International Business/ Hotel Course
Hospitality Tourism Technical School
Hotel Course
Jikei School of Hospitality Travel and Leisure Course
Sundai College of Hospitality & Foreign Language    国際ビジネス学科
Department of International Business, Hospitality and hotel course
ECC International Foreign Language       International Business Course
Sozosha College Of DesignDesign and Manufacturing

【Other Areas】

Nakamura Culinary School      Making Pastry Course (2years)
Tokyo Welfare College       Department of Care Worker
Bunka Institute of Language       Business Japanese Interpreting Course
Human Academy AkibaharaManga・Illustration Course
Tokyo School Of Business CollegeBusiness Management Department
Sundai Travel & Hotel College
International Tourism Course

List of Schools which offer recommended admissions

System of recommended admissions
Following colleges and vocational schools in kinki area accept students of Kobe YMCA to take a preferred testing. Every year high achieving students enter colleges using this system.

Ritsumeikan University      College of International Relations/ Policy Science
Kwansei Gakuin University       School of Policy Studies/ International Studies
Kyoto University of Foreign Studies       Department of Japanese Studies
St. Andrews University       All Faculties
Kobe Gakuin University       Faculty of Global Communication
Osaka Sangyo University        Economics
University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences       Faculty of Commerce/ Economics/ Human and Social Sciences
Kobe Yamate University       Faculty of Contemporary Social Studies, Admission into the junior class in Contemporary Social Studies

Taisei Gakuin University         Faculty of Human Studies/ Management
Kobe International University        Faculty of Economics, Admission into the junior class in Economics
Himeji Dokkyo University       Faculty of Human and Social Studies
Osaka International University      Faculty of Business Administration / International Liberal Arts
Institute of TechnologistsDepartment Of Manufacturing Technologists / Building Technologists
Kobe Shinwa Women's UniversityFaculty Of Literature / Human Development and Education

Technical College

【Technical college】

The Kobe YMCA CollegeDepartment of Hotel Management
YMCA Colleges in Japan
Kobe Denshi All Faculties
Nihon Riko Jyoho Institute  Department of Automobile Engineering/ Networks & weather/ Electronics & IT Engineering/ Architectural Design/ Robot System
Nihon Computer Institute All Faculties
Osaka College of TechnologyDepartment of Architecture/ Architectural design/ Interior design