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Inquiries & Requests for Information

Regarding the use of personal information:
・ Other than the following, we will not use students’ personal information on this website for any purpose.
・ Information and materials provided by the school in response to individual inquiries. 
・ Information related to improving the school’s services (e.g. statistical data, etc.)
Disclosure of personal information to third parties:
・ As a rule, we do not disclose personal information to third parties without the consent of the individual. Conditions under which personal information may be disclosed are as follows.
・ Before giving consent the individual will be informed of the purpose and use of their personal information.
・ When disclosing personal information to a third party in a form that allows the individual to be identified, the third party is obliged to protect the individual’s privacy.
・ When necessitated by law or regulation.






( 中国のみ 出身省もお 書かきください/Please write your province. Only Chinese.)

現住所/Current address

電話番号/Current phone number


メールアドレス/e-mail address

最終学歴 /The last educational background

希望コース/Desired course


学習目的/Learning purpose

日本語学習歴 /History of Japanese studying


いつから 勉強を 始じめたいですか? /When would you like to start studying?

YMCAをどこで 知りましたか? /Where did you find Kobe YMCA?

ご 質問・ご 意見 /Inquiries and comments