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Features of Kobe YMCA

  • 60 years of history in Japanese education
    We have the longest history in Hyogo area as a Japanese technical college authorized by Hyogo prefecture.

  • 15 students per class
    Small class size, curriculum designed on your needs to improve your Japanese quickly.

  • Various scholarships
    Available provide peace of mind and support student life abroad.

  • Department of Hotel Management  is in the same school
    Continue education at our Hotel Management Department for guaranteed employment.


Course Enrollment Term of study
1-year course April April to the following March
1.5-year course October October to March of the secondary year
2-year course April April to March of the secondary year
*In case of studying for 1 year from October, please contact us before enrollment.


Application fee Enrollment fee Tuition fee
\20,000 \100,000 \365,000 (6 months)
\730,000 (one year)

Reduction System・Scholarships

There is a reduction of payment depending on the applicant's Japanese Language proficiency.
When meeting the requirement below, an applicant can take advantage of this system.
Those who passed N1 level of JLPT(Japanese Language Proficiency Test)
Those who study at YMCA for more than 1 year Those who study at YMCA for more than half an year
A reduction of \100,000 A reduction of \50,000
Those who passed N2 level of JLPT(Japanese Language Proficiency Test)
Those who study at YMCA for more than 1 year
A reduction of \50,000
Those who passed N3 level of JLPT(Japanese Language Proficiency Test)
Those who study at YMCA for more than 1 year and do not use Kanji in daily life
A reduction of \30,000円
Kobe YMCA is the highest in the number of students who receive scholarships in Hyogo prefecture.
Academic scholarships are awarded to students with exceptional academic and attendance records.
Scholarships Coverage period Amount the number to be accepted
Rotary Yoneyama Memorial Foundation April to March (for one year) \70,000 every month 1
Honors scholarship for privately financed international students by JASSO April to March (for one year) \48,000 every month 1
Honors scholarship for privately financed international students by Hyogo prefecture April to March (for one year) \30,000 every month 3
Kobe YMCA Scholarship 6 months \20,000 every month 6
Kobe YMCA international Scholarship 6 months \20,000 every month 2
Kobe YMCA Scholarship 6 months \50,000 for 6 months  4
Rokko Foundation April to March (for one year) \50,000 every month 1

Required Japanese level for enrolment

Completed one or more of the following:
i. 150 hours or more of Japanese language study
ii. JLPT level N5 (or above)
iii. J.TEST grade G (or above)
iv. NAT grade 5 (or above)

Career Options YMCA offers


Messages from Alumni

  • Kobe YMCA’s Japanese classes are extensive. Essay writing, listening, and conversation lessons are all extremely useful for continuing education. Also, having set my sights on studying at graduate school, the “Graduate school preparation class” was the most important for me. My teacher guided me through preparing research proposals and I received plenty of advice from fellow classmates. Even outside of class, before my interview for graduate school, my teacher helped practice with me. I really couldn’t have done it without them.

  • I am Sai Kinki from China, working as a recruiter at Hitachi Johnson Controls Air Conditioning Company. I entered Graduate School of Business Administration, Kobe University after studying Japanese at Kobe YMCA since 2010. I have always wanted to study in Japan and I cannot believe that I am actually working at the company which I was dreaming of and it happens to me thanks to Kobe YMCA.

  • 3 years ago, I decided to study in Kobe, which resembles my hometown, and thus entered YMCA. While I was separated from my home and in a new and unfamiliar place, my teachers always looked out for me. Whenever there was something I didn’t understand, my teachers would teach me in a way that was clear and easy to understand. And plenty of events were held for students to better enjoy their studies. To this day I’m grateful for all the help and consulting with me and preparing me for entering graduate school. My teachers gave me the strength to get through a stressful time and it’s because of them that I was able to study in Japan. If you are planning on studying in Japan, I’m sure you have worries, but you won’t know if you don’t try. So set your goal and go for it!

  • I recommend YMCA whether you’re a beginner to Japanese or have studied before. From basic greetings to kanji, my teachers’ lessons are thorough. There was even a “Special kanji class” for those not from countries that use Chinese characters. I was also able to take a JLPT preparation class. We had short trips and events and I had a great 2 years.

  • We make a short speech every morning in class. I acquired presentation skill by reading and grasping the content of Japanese news and saying my opinion to my classmates. In advanced class, I studied Japanese by discussing various social problems. YMCA helped me a lot to make a presentation or report at university.

  • ・ In my year and a half at Kobe YMCA I studied not only Japanese but also many things including working in Japan. The teachers always taught me with kindness, and I was surprised by the inventiveness of the lessons. When I came to Japan, I had already passed the N5 but I couldn’t speak at all. Within a year I had passed the N2 and could interview with any company I wanted. Also, in the “Employment support class” I learned how to job search, what is required to do so etc., and anything important was clearly explained so I understood and could plan moving forward. At information seminars put on by the school I was able to speak with companies directly which was great. I really appreciate everything my teachers did for me.

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